The Robins Experience

This program is much more than a collection of rigorous and instructive courses. You’re encouraged to take advantage of the many ways we support students and extend your professional training well beyond the classroom walls.

Glimpse Inside program

We invite executives representing local employers ranging from Fortune 1000 companies to mid-sized firms to provide students with a inside view of the company, the industry it is in and the roles relevant to early career employees. This allows students to focus their job search on roles of interest and relevance.

Mentor program

Each year local business executives volunteer to serve as one-on-one mentors to our graduate students. This allows a student to have a very personal relationship with a business executive to provide guidance and advice to those seeking to enter or advance in the workplace.

Professional Development

We offer a series of professional development activities throughout the academic year focused on development of those “soft skills” needed to achieve excellence in the workplace.

Executive in Residence program

Executives in Residence are available to advise graduate students and alumni on various aspects of their career journey, exploring career change, building and managing one’s professional reputation, and pursuing leadership opportunities. They also offer one-on-one career consulting sessions.